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General Knowledge of Himachal Pradesh 2013(Himachal GK-2013)


Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge 2013

Ministries Detail of Himachal Pradesh:-

The Chief.Minister of  Himachal Pradesh State is Shri Virbhadra Singh 
The Irrigation & Public Health Minister of  Himachal Pradesh Smt. Vidya Stokes
The Governor (राज्यपाल) of Himachal Pradesh is Smt. Urmila Singh.
The Speaker of Vidhan Sabha is Shri Brij Behari Lal Butail .
The Dupty Speaker of Vidhan Sabha is Sh. Rikhi Ram Kundel.
The  Health & Family Welfare Minister is Shri Kaul Singh Thakur
The  Education Minister is Shri Virbhadra Singh
The Industary Labour &Sainik Welfare Minister is Shri Mukesh Agnihotri
The Technical Education and Horticulture Minister is Smt. Vidya Stokes
The Civil supply and consumer protection Minister is Shri G. S. Bali
The Forest Minister is Shri Rajesh Dharmani .
The Social well Fare and Justice Minister is Shri Dhani Ram Shandil

Himachal Pradesh 2011 census

Total Population                                                - 68, 56, 509
Males                                                                 -34, 73, 892
Females                                                             - 33, 82, 617
Decadal Growth                                                -7, 78, 609
Total Literacy Rate                                           -83.78%
Male Literacy                                                    -90.83%
Female Literacy rate                                         - 76.60%
Sex Ratio (per 1000 males)                               -974
Highest Literate District                                   -Hamirpur (89.01%)
Lowest Literate District                                    -Chamba (73.19%)
Biggest District (Area wise)                             -Lahaul-Spiti
Smallest District (Area wise)                            -Hamirpur
Highest Populated District                                -Hamirpur
Lowest Populated District                                 -Lahaul-Spiti

  Himachal Pradesh literacy Rate and Sex Ratio  2011
District                                   Sex Ratio               Literacy Rate                          

Himachal Pradesh                    974                            83.77

 District Wise literacy Rate and Sex Ratio  of HImachal Pradesh 2011:=

District                                   Sex Ratio               Literacy Rate                          

Kangra                                    1013                            86.49
Mandi                                      1012                           82.81
Shimla                                     916                             84.55
Solan                                       884                             85.02
Sirmour                                   915                             79.98
Una                                          977                             87.23
Chamba                                   989                             73.19
Hamirpur                                 1096                           89.01
Kullu                                        950                            80.14
Bilaspur                                    981                            85.67               
Kinnaur                                    818                            80.77
Lahaul-Spiti                             915                            77.24

Highlights of Himachal Pradesh’s Population Census 2011

  1. Himachal Pradesh has a total population of 68, 56, 509 which is only 0.57% of India’s population, placing the state 21st Position and recorded a growth of 12.81%.
  2. The state also recorded Improved Literacy of  83.78% and Gender ratio at 974/1000.
  3. 2011 census put Himachal Pradesh 21st on the population chart Followed by Tripura on 22nd place.
  4. Lahaul-Spiti Recorded a decline in the grow rate by minus.
  5. 10% while highest jump in the sex ratio was seen of 114 points against 802 in 2001, now up at 916 points. The decline in population tribal district is attributed to large scale migration.   



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